Our Staff


Senior Pastor Scott Johnston

God does amazing things! I have repeated this statement many times in my life as a believer because I am continually amazed by His grace. From my personal deliverance from a life a destruction, to the blessings I have received through my lovely and godly wife Carolyn and two wonderful children, Bryce and Sarah, I have much reason to rejoice.

God’s grace has not been limited to my personal life. I am amazed that God chose to work through me by calling me to vocational ministry. In my time in ministry I have been blessed to see many lives transformed by the power of the Gospel and the love of Jesus Christ. Nothing is more amazing than seeing true life change brought about by the grace of God. My desire, as I seek to love God, love people and serve both here at New Life Baptist Church is to continue to be amazed by the transforming work of God. This is why our mission is Taking the Next Step Together, because each step of love we take toward God and others, and each step of service we take toward both gives us the opportunity to see the amazing power of God.

May God richly bless you as we serve Him together.



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Youth Pastor Philip Wright

“My grace is sufficient for you.” Yes it is, God’s grace is enough to satisfy ever part of my being! I have been given more than I deserve in this life! My beautiful wife Sarah and I love serving God and are humbled that He chose to use us. I love music and sports, and being able to hang out with the teens in our community. I grew up here at New Life, and was given the opportunity to come on staff in August of 2014, and it has been an amazing and unexpected journey!

As a teenager God rescued me from a life of selfishness, and self-serving, as everything in my life was about pleasing myself and doing what I needed to make other people like me. Apart from Christ, I knew no eternal life, and through Him, I have been offered grace and a personal relationship with the Creator of the universe! Because of this, God has led me to work with teenagers, who experience much of the same things I did, and I have a burden to see them come to know Christ and continue to grow closer to Him daily. God has also taken my love for music and used it for His glory through leading worship at New Life! I truly believe God has blessed us with a group of people that love to worship Him!

If you are going through something or have any questions at all, I would love to be a blessing to you, so feel free to contact me.